Why Choose GlucoHelp?

  • Clinically proven.

    Increasingly, consumers are demanding that the supplements they buy be supported by sound science — in other words, not generic research on the ingredients in a product, but original research on the product itself. GlucoHelp is one of the few nutraceutical ingredients aimed at blood sugar control that is backed by original human clinical studies, showing 10%+ drops in fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels.

  • Fast-acting.

    The authors of the first clinical study on GlucoHelp noted that, based on previous research, a blood glucose-lowering effect “can be expected when taking 0.16-0.48 mg of corosolic acid per day for a long period of 4-48 weeks.” However, because of the high concentration of corosolic acid found in GlucoHelp — 10 mg per 56-mg soft gel — significant decreases in fasting and post-prandial blood glucose were seen in just one week.

  • Versatile.

    GlucoHelp has proven benefits for both diabetics, in that it lowers blood glucose levels and improves clinical symptoms of diabetes, and pre-diabetics, in that it may reverse insulin resistance by facilitating the effective utilization of glucose.

  • Need-based results.

    GlucoHelp does not have an across-the-board blood glucose-lowering effect; rather, it works best in those with the greatest need. The first clinical trial showed that examinees with a fasting blood glucose level of 110 mg/dL (pre-diabetes) experienced the most dramatic blood glucose-lowering effect — 15% after one week and 21% after two weeks.

  • Safe for Use:

    Banaba leaf extracts have a proven record of safety, and no adverse events were observed in either of the clinical trials performed using GlucoHelp. Additionally, there were no changes in blood pressure, blood cell count, hemoglobin or liver or kidney function.

  • Made in Japan.

    GlucoHelp is manufactured in a state-of-the-art cGMP-certified facility in Chiba, Japan.